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Finding inner silence in Botswana

(28 Feb '09)

Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya visited Gabarone, Botswana from February 2 to 4th 2009. A public programme was held at the residence of a devotee on the 3rd evening. Br. Shubamrita addressed the gathering on the topic- “Finding the Inner Silence”. Among the guests who attended the programme was Mr. V.N. Hade, Indian High Commissioner to Botswana. […]

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Amma Receives Peace Award

(28 Feb '09)

14 February 2009, Kozhikode Amma was presented with Junior Chamber International’s highest honor, the ‘Shanti Swaroop’ peace award. Amma was presented the award by Vallabh Das, Chairman of the Junior Chamber International Peace Award Foundation. The citation was read aloud by the president of JCI Calicut Chapter,Jaygopal Chandrasekharan. In his speech, Jaygopal Chandrasekharan said that […]

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BD camp for thalassemia patients

(28 Feb '09)

AYUDH Mumbai organized a blood donation camp in association with Pooja blood bank of Mulund for thalassemia patients camp on 25th January 2009. More than 50 units of blood was collected for this noble cause. Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that causes the body to produce less hemoglobin. Low levels of hemoglobin may cause […]

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Global Voice to Eastern Wisdom

(28 Feb '09)

Kambodia, 12 February 2009 Br. Shantamrita Chaitanya attended “Giving Global Voice to Eastern Wisdom,” a Hindu-Buddhist Summit organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women. The Summit was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and was co-chaired by Sangha Raja Bour Kry of the Kingdom of Cambodia and Swami Dayananda Saraswati. The stated aim of the […]

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Ancient Wisdom in Today’s World

(28 Feb '09)

Guam, 29 January 2009 Br.Shantamrita Chaitanya spoke at the University of Guam on the topic “Ancient Wisdom Applied in Today’s World.” He said “there is a whole wisdom tradition that really exists all over the world that we should not consider irrelevant. There are many different ways of looking at ancient wisdom, spiritually, from a […]

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AYUDH Kenya launched

(26 Feb '09)

AYUDH has stepped onto African soil. During his visit to the Republic of Kenya from February 5th to 13th, Br. Shubamrita, launched AYUDH Kenya. “On Saturdays we are bored. Just going out, coming home late and then wasting away our time in front of the TV did somehow not feel fulfilling anymore,” says Pareet, an […]

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God is always awake within us

(24 Feb '09)

Sivaratri Celebrations, 23 February 2009 — Amritapuri “God is always awake within us, but we are sound asleep,” Amma said. “As a result, we are unable to experience his presence.” It was almost 2:00 in the morning—half way through the traditional night-long vigil and fast of Sivaratri. Amma then told everyone assembled that holidays like […]

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