Amritapuri Ashram photos from 2008

Various events that happened in Amritapuri Ashram in 2008.


Ayurveda International Workshop

A 3 day international workshop on Ayurveda was held at Amrita School of Ayurveda from 29th -31st of December.

Ayurveda doctors gave lectures on useful Ayurvedic topics like basic concepts of Ayurveda , Ayurvedic life style, Panchakarma, concept of natural food and yoga. Participants also visited the Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing unit and herbal garden.
Twenty three delegates from various countries participated in the workshop.



AYUDH Youth Meet 27 -29  Dec 2008
The 2nd annual AYUDH (USA) Youth Meet held at the M.A. Center in San Ramon, California saw the arrival of young people from all over the country to participate in a 3-day program. Themed “Compassion in Action,” the retreat delved into the complex meaning of compassion, and explored the ways that we can be compassionate to each other, our communities, and to our planet.
Each morning began with a guided meditation, a small puja, and a session of yoga. Other activities for the weekend included spiritual talks, daily bhajans and meditation, tree plantings, a music workshop with professional musicians, and group activities and discussion sessions on the myriad of issues that youth face in their daily lives.

Br. Dayamrita Chaitanya led participants in a discussion on the practical meanings of compassion in action. Groups were given real-life scenarios that individuals had faced, and were instructed to act out solutions to the problems that were the most compassionate.
Speaking to the youths via webcast from Amritapuri Ashram, Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri exhorted youths to make a practice of remembering Amma and a special experience with her just three times a day. He noted that it had been his experience that when one called to Amma with longing, She would surely respond. Individuals were able to interact with Swamiji and asked a number of questions.
Project leaders from Common Vision, an Earth education and ecological awareness group, spoke to participants about the ideology of permaculture and also instructed us on how to properly plant the trees to ensure their survival and longevity. Retreatants spent a number of hours on a lush green hill overlooking the M.A. Center grounds, planting trees that would eventually contribute to a new, thriving mini ecosystem. By the conclusion of the retreat, 100 trees had been planted by AYUDH members.
A Toastmaster leader (from an international public speaking and leadership promotion group) led retreatants in various activities that helped individuals improve their ease and comfort in speaking in front of a large group of people.

A Music Workshop was run by professional musicians, who provided informative tips on how to optimize one’s vocal capacity and vocal tone. After some diligent practice, the hall resounded with youthful voices singing in unison, joyful and full of hope.
The retreatants had some quality time with Br. Dayamrita in an informal question and answer session — relating to spiritual practice, how to maintain one’s values and beliefs in the outside world, and how to negotiate interpersonal conflict.
At the conclusion of the program, youths also made individual pledges to themselves, which they wrote on small paper doves, the international symbol of AYUDH. The doves were mounted and hung in Amrita Hall, a symbol of our promises to ourselves, each other, and to our beloved Amma.

May the Christ take birth in your heart

Christmas in Amritapuri

December 24, 2008 — Amritapuri

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both fell on darshan days in Amritapuri, and Amma was still giving darshan when the midnight hour struck on the 25th. While Amma continued to embrace her children, she had Swami Amritaswarupananda read out a message she had prepared.

In Amma’s message she said that if we look back on the teachings of all mahatmas—be they Christ, Krishna or Buddha—we will see that their main teachings were love and faith. “All the mahatmas have stressed these two things,” Amma said. “The rest is commentary.”

Amma went on to explain the significance of Christ both referring to himself as “the son of man” as well as “the son of God.” She said that a devotee with love and faith would not see these two statements as a contradiction, but instead would understand that Christ meant he was both the body, which exists in time, and the Atma, which is beyond time. “He meant that he was both a human being, as well as God,” Amma said. “He meant ‘I am this [the world] and I am that [consciousness].'”

“On Christmas Day, Christian children exchange gifts and kind words and wish one another Merry Christmas. This really reflects a sense of brotherhood. But amidst our celebrations, we should also remember the life and teachings of Christ. Christmas is also a day for taking a vow to put Christ’s teachings into action. May the Christ child take birth in the hearts of all my children. May our lives be full of love and the spirit of sacrifice. May my children become examples for others to emulate” Amma concluded.

Before Amma’s message, there were Christmas carols in German, Russian, Spanish and Finnish languages by the devotees from the west. There were also traditional Flamenco and Opera dances, which added spirit to the celebrations of Christmas in Amritapuri.


Watch Christmas celebration photos here

Sixth Tsunami Baby Arrives

24 December 2008 — Amritapuri

After the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, several women from the villages surrounding Amritapuri came to Amma telling of a peculiar and tragic plight. Not only had they lost their children in the disaster, they were also unable to have more, as they had long back opted to undergo tubal ligation as a form of birth control. Moved by their situation, Amma sponsored tubal-ligation reversal surgeries for anyone interested {news}.

In the end, six women underwent the rare procedure. First baby was born in Sep 2006 {news}. Today the final couple—Appu and Luna of Parayakkadavu—brought their new baby for Amma’s darshan. The baby was just 11 weeks old. He was born one month premature, but was healthy and happy when placed today for the first time in Amma’s arms. Amma named him Krishnanunni.

The names of Luna and Appu’s children that drown on 26 December 2004 were Akhil, 8, and Akhila, 11.

Speaking with ashram residents, Luna said, “I feel somewhat assuaged. We lost two. At least we got one back.”

Appu said, “It was Amma who was ready to give life to those who lost it. It was Amma who sent us to the various doctors and hospitals. It was Amma who encouraged us. She assured us we would succeed. It was her prayer that made it all happen. All the women sent for this procedure in the end bore children. So we believe it was Amma’s sankalpa that made it happen.”


Father Mother Place Child1 Child2 Dob Star Lost1 Lost2
Pradeep (34) Asha (27) Azheekkal Amritesh (M) 14Apr2007 Karthika Pratibha (10F) Kripa (6F)
Sreejith Liji (29) Azheekkal Eknath (M) AmritaKripa (F) 30Oct2006 Swathi Alishjith (8F) Kalidas (4M)
Baby (28) Priya (25) Azheekkal Aparna (F) 13Sep2006 Kiran (4.5M) Kingini(1.5F)
Paul (36) Lini (28) Azheekkal Alwin (M) Atul (M) 31Mar2007 Prince (2.5M) Nikhil (0.1M)
Surajit (42) Sarita (30) Srayikkad Aditya (M) Gayatri (F) 1Jun2008 Bharani Unni (1.5M)
Appu Luna Prayakadav Krishnanunni (M) Oct2008 Akhila (11F) Akhil (8M)

Watch the photos of tsunami babies here

Sri Lanka President prays to Amma for peace

23 December 2008 — Amritapuri Ashram

Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka, today officially requested Amma to provide her “divine intervention and merciful blessings” to put an end to his nation’s 25-year-old civil war.

In a letter hand-delivered by Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Member of Parliament and Minister of Construction & Engineering Services for Sri Lanka, Rajapaksa wrote:

[in Photo: Amma reads a letter from Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, requesting her blessings in ending the country’s civil war. The letter was brought by Sri Lankan cabinet minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne (centre).]

“I count myself fortunate enough to be one among many millions of Mai Devi [sic] devotees. Your benevolence and magnanimity is universal, which transcends all geographical and man-made barriers, serving entire humanity with all-embracing compassion. Hence, may I, most respectfully, request your divine intervention and merciful blessings to cleanse our motherland of this horrendous scourge of terrorism, thereby ushering an era of everlasting peace and prosperity.”

The Life After: Bihar floods

After three months and more the government has started on the second phase of the rehabilitation project – taking census of losses suffered by individual farmers, so that compensation can be granted under different heads. The waters have receded in most places, a majority of the people have returned to their villages, and are now immersed in efforts to rebuild their lives.

Bihar Flood: Medical Service

In response to the Bihar flood, AIMS Hospital dispatched teams of specialists and paramedics who treated more than 400 patients daily, sometimes seeing to more than 500. Not only did the doctors treat wounds, respiratory problems like pneumonia and fungal growths, they also delivered several babies. Ambulances and a Mobile Telemedicine Unit were also dispatched. A temporary hospital was maintained in Supaul for one month. The medical team remained in Bihar for more than two months, treating 50,000 people through 100 medical camps. Rs. 30 lakh [$70,000 US] in medicine was provided.