Flood Relief Food and Clothing

Bihar Flood: Distribution of Food & Clothes

MAM provided food and clothing to thousands of flood victims, including blankets, clothes and other essentials for the victims of the flood in Bihar.

Flood Relief Telemedicine

Bihar Floods: Telemedicine

Telemedicne Two state–of-the art ambulances were sent to the area via rail from Kochi, a total of distance of almost 2,500 km. One of these was AIMS Hospital’s Mobile Telemedicine Unit. It is the size of a city bus and includes X-ray facilities, ECG scanner, pathology-lab-work facility, specialty cardiac services and a telemedicine satellite link […]

Educational Support Flood Relief

Bihar flood: Educational Support

Educational Support In MAM’s relief camps, temporary classes were arranged—for children aged three to six, and a separate section for those aged seven to 15. School supplies like notebooks, pencils, etc were distributed to the children.

Flood Relief Temporary Shelters

Bihar Flood Relief Camps

Camps: Construction and Life MAM set up two relief camps. One in Purnia District, and one in Supaul District. The first was completed on 16th September; the second on 11th October. In total, 1,500 flood victims were housed in the shelters. Kitchens and toilets were also provided. At one point, when construction supplies were delayed, […]

Flood Relief

Bihar Floods 2008

On August 18, 2008, the Kosi River broke through a man-made embankment in Nepal. The flooding was massive and engulfed half the neighbouring state of Bi¬har in India. The prime minister declared it a national calamity. According to the World Health Organization, 3.3 million people in 1,850 villages were affected, with one million rendered homeless. […]

Ashram Life

Amrita Offset Printers gets a new machine

12 Dec 2008, Amritapuri Today a new Heidelberg, a quality 4 colour printing machine, was inaugurated in the newly constructed  building of Amrita Offset Printers by Swami Amrita Geetananda. It is situated by the Amrita Kripa hospital. Hereafter, the colour printing of all Amma books in different languages will be done from here.

Ashram Photos

Karthika lamps

11 Dec 2008, Amritapuri Today is Karthika. The path to the stage from Amma’s room was lit with oil lamps. Watch photos here.

Flood Relief Photos

Orissa flood relief

13 Nov 2008, Bhuvaneswar, Orissa Orissa is one of these states in India which undergoes flooding in one part of the state or the other during the monsoons. The annual monsoon season though eagerly awaited, by the farmers of Orissa are also the bane of development or the cause of their sorrow as the river […]

Disaster Relief

Flood relief in Brazil

In November 2008 Santa Catarina, one of the main States in  Brazil, was flooded as never before  due to very hard storms. The  floods caused around 150 deaths and about 33,000 people had to leave their  homes. A family of Amma’s devotees was in the tragedy location and they made a dramatic call to Sao […]

Around Amma 2008 Ashram Life Photos

Amma arrived at the ashram

07 Dec 2008, Amritapuri Amma reached Amritapuri ashram this afternoon after her Europe-USA yatra. She was away for two months. Ashramites welcomed her back home with great love and affection. Darshan starts on saturday, 13th December.