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Blessing a Child of the Survivor Tree

(30 Jun '08)

29 June 2008 — Addison, Texas, USA The terrorist bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building on April 19, 1995 took the lives of 168 people and scarred thousands more physically and emotionally. Despite the massive blast and subsequent fires, a 100-year-old American Elm Tree, part of the building’s original landscaping, survived. At the insistence […]

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Iraq Veterans Need Love and Embrace

(26 Jun '08)

Iraq Veterans Need Amma’s Love & Embrace 24 June 2008 — Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA “There are thousands of veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan that need to know about this,” Joe Thergood, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Veteran Services for the State of New Mexico, said from the dais at the […]

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From Darkness to Light

(24 Jun '08)

22 June 2008 — Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA As the end of the morning darshan approached, during Amma’s first program in Albuquerque, suddenly all the lights went out in the hall. As there were no windows, the crowd was thrust into pitch blackness. A hush fell across the room. A little girl burst out crying, […]

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Amma Walks in Beauty

(24 Jun '08)

23 June 2008 — Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA Upon the commencement of Amma’s five days of programmes in New Mexico, State Representative Gayle Chasey officially welcomed Amma to the state, placing a garland around her neck and reciting a traditional Navaho* prayer. “Unexpected blessings sometimes come the way of those in public service,” said the […]

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Los Angeles commends Amma

(18 Jun '08)

17 June 2008 — Los Angeles, California, USA Amma was welcomed to Los Angeles with the presentation of an official commendation signed by the city’s Mayor and the City Council. She was also officially welcomed by the Deputy of Health, Richard Espinosa, and the Field Deputy, Joe Matthews. Addressing Amma on the dais, Mr. Espinosa […]

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American Yatra Begins

(4 Jun '08)

3 June 2008, Seattle, USA Amma commenced her 22nd Yatra of North America this weekend with four days of programs in Seattle, Washington. Thousands of Americans, as well as Canadians, attended the programs, where Amma gave discourses, sang bhajans, led meditation sessions and gave darshan. Upon the programs’ conclusion Tuesday morning, Amma will travel to […]

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A Rakhi Bond to Fight Farmer Suicide

(2 Jun '08)

31 May 2008 – Seattle, Washington, USA On the first night of the retreat weekend with Amma in Seattle, a dozen or so teenagers and twenty-somethings wearing T-shirts with AYUDH across the back came up to the side of Amma’s chair. One of them held a bracelet of braided pink and blue strings, which she […]

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