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Krishna Jayanti celebrations at Amritapuri

(15 Sep '06)

14-15 September 2006 — Amritapuri Amma, the ashram residents and a couple thousand visiting devotees celebrated the birth of Sri Krishna all day today. The celebrations began in the morning with a go-puja, then continued with a village procession of little Krishnas, gopis and gopas. Next the children played uriyadi, the traditional pot-breaking game, as […]

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Vrindavan in Amritapuri

(15 Sep '06)

Krishna Jayanti Celebrations – Part One 14 September 2006 — Amritapuri For most people, celebrating is something looked forward to. Five or six days a week one works (jobs being the opposite of celebration) dreaming of quitting time, of the weekend, the seaside vacation, the religious holiday. With Amma, life is different. There is no […]

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Govinda gokul ayo!

(15 Sep '06)

15 September 2006 — Amritapuri You will not find a more ecstatic bhajan than the one that takes place just after midnight in Amritapuri on Krishna Jayanti. These are not the heart-wrenching bhajans of separation, but happiness itself set to music. The melodies themselves burst at the seams with the gusto with which they are […]

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The birth of Sri Krishna

(14 Sep '06)

Krishna Jayanti Celebrations, Part Two 14-15 September 2006 — Amritapuri “It is not death, but immortality and bliss that life is all about,” Amma began her Krishna Jayanti message. “This is what the life and birth of Sri Krishna teaches us. Sri Krishna faced an immense number of difficult situations in his life—many more than […]

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Tsunami baby is born

(13 Sep '06)

12:16 pm, 13 September 2006 — AIMS Hospital, Cochin, Kerala Today at 12:16 pm, a special baby girl was born at AIMS Hospital in Cochin. The baby’s mother, Priya, was one of six women from Alappad Panchayat who had undergone fallopian-tube-recanalisation surgery under the sponsorship of Mata Amritanandamayi Math. Priya Puthenparambil from Azhikkal, had previously […]

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Foundation stone laid for 100 tsunami-relief houses

(10 Sep '06)

10 September 2006 — Bamboo Flat, South Andaman, Andaman Islands The Ashram laid the first foundation stone for the 100 tsunami-relief houses it has committed to build in Bamboo Flat, South Andaman. Sri Dharam Pal IAS, the Commissioner-cum-Secretary for Relief & Rehabilitation in Nicobar-Andaman, laid the stone as part of a brief function. It is […]

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Life blooms anew in Tsunami victims

(6 Sep '06)

6 September 2006, Amritapuri Some of the mothers in the villages around Amritapuri who lost children in the 2004 tsunami had previously undergone tubal ligation as a form of permanent contraception. When Amma learned that these women lost their young children and could no longer conceive, and that they were in such despair to the […]

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