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Christmas at Amritapuri

(24 Dec '00)

On Christmas Eve at Amritapuri, Amma joined Her children in the darshan hall for an evening programme featuring dancer Nandini Venkat performing South Indian classical bharata natyam depicting nava rasa (nine moods). The dance was preceded by a musical performance by several of Amma’s western children, included traditional Christmas carols in Italian and Latin, including […]

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Falling in love with Amma is Christmas

(24 Dec '00)

24 December 2000, Amritapuri Just before Christmas, Mother gave darshan to about 15,000 people a day in Calicut in northern Kerala, virtually around the clock for four days and nights. The programme ended early in the morning on December 24th. Without getting any rest after that marathon, Mother got into the car for the day-long […]

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Where Theres no End to Loves Faces

(20 Dec '00)

20 December 2000, Calicut Many of us have travelled the globe with Amma, and we have found that each place She goes to has its own “flavour.” If you were to ask people what distinguishes Calicut from other places, you would almost certainly hear an emphasis on the devotion and enthusiasm – not to mention […]

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A river darshan

(19 Dec '00)

19 December 2000, Calicut For several years, Mother and her tour group have stopped at a river on route to Mother’s yearly programme in Calicut, where they have meditated, had lunch, shared satsang and bathed in the water made sacred by Amma’s presence. This year they did the same – but something was exceptionally different. […]

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Medical Imaging at Amrita Hospital

(15 Dec '00)

In 1998,¬† Amrita Institute has established the first filmless hospital in Southeast Asia. All radiology images are stored in a computer image archive and are available, within minutes, on any of the computers conveniently located throughout the hospital. Amrita¬† digital equipment includes: Spiral CT Scanner, Radio Fluoroscopy with Digital Subtraction Angiography, Colour Doppler High-Resolution Ultrasound […]

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The Beginning of the Ashram

(12 Dec '00)

The ashram grew around Amma’s childhood home. It was a modest house with 3 rooms and a kitchen. It is built on the site of the original thatched hut, where Amma was born. When Amma first started Krishna Bhava beside the beach road, Her father became very anxious for Her safety. Adjoining his house was […]

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I have no other arms than yours

(12 Dec '00)

( from Amma’s benedictory address at the Inauguration of Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (AIMS), May 17, 1998) God is not on a golden throne somewhere beyond the sky. He is pure experience. He is beyond the reach of the intellect and the senses. Still, we can perceive Him and we can […]

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