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‘What time will She arrive?’

(30 Sep '00)

30 September 2000, Amritapuri Amma’s plane from Dubai was due to land in Trivandrum at 3:30 p.m., we calculate that it will take three hours for Her to arrive at the ashram, that is, by 6:30 p.m. Just to be sure, residents start lining up by 4 p.m.! At 5 p.m. they begin to chant […]

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Reports of the celebration

(27 Sep '00)

On the evening of the 18th there was a talk by Swami Poornamritananda, which was followed by a soul stirring bhajans led by Amma. The devotional singing by the famous Hindustani singer Anup Jalota at 10 p.m. transported the devotees into heights of devotional ecstasy On the morning of the 19th, at 5 a.m. there […]

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Shower of Love in the Arabian desert

(26 Sep '00)

26th of September, 2000 “Should Amma go to Dubai? Is it really necessary? Isn’t it dangerous to go to a country where there is no religious freedom?” These were some of the doubts and questions expressed by the devotees when they heard about Amma’s decision to go to Dubai. Amma’s parents were also extremely concerned […]

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Amma in Dubai

(26 Sep '00)

26th of September, 2000 Welcome Speech by Sheik Ahmed Lutfi, Director Finance Ministry, Dubai “Dear friends, I am immensely delighted to welcome Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi to Dubai. Amma has demonstrated by Her very life that human hearts can be won by pure and selfless love. If only all humanity can have this attitude […]

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Darshan in mid air

(26 Sep '00)

26th of September, 2000 Scene 1: The stage of this drama is set in mid air, inside the aircraft. The Air India flight to Dubai has just taken off. The flight attendants are preparing to serve the passengers soft drinks. Suddenly, all the passengers get up from their seats, one by one, and move towards […]

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She just won’t leave!

(24 Sep '00)

24 September 2000, Amritapuri Amma’s last scheduled darshan at the ashram for the next two months. Crowds of devotees, eager to have Amma’s darshan before Her long absence, have been arriving in the ashram since the previous night. By 11 a.m. the temple is packed to capacity. Amma comes at 11:15 a.m., bows to the […]

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She did what She always does

(20 Sep '00)

20 September 2000, Amritapuri, Amma’s Birthday When there are fifty thousand or more devotees in Amritapuri to celebrate Amma’s birthday, ‘living with Amma’ has a new meaning. It no longer means you sit with Her for meditation and satsang in the morning, as normally happens three days a week; nor does it mean you sit […]

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