Darshan in mid air

26th of September, 2000

Scene 1: The stage of this drama is set in mid air, inside the aircraft. The Air India flight to Dubai has just taken off. The flight attendants are preparing to serve the passengers soft drinks. Suddenly, all the passengers get up from their seats, one by one, and move towards the business class in a procession. Not knowing what is happening, the astonished crew requests everyone to take their seats. Finding it totally ineffective, they finally implore everyone to co-operate with them till they finish serving food. “We want to have Amma’s darshan!” the passengers shout. “Definitely,” the flight attendants reply. “We, too, would like to receive Her blessing. Please bear with us until we have finished serving.” The passengers eventually yield to the request and go back to their seats

Scene 2: The serving has just finished. The flight attendants temporarily become line monitors controlling the darshan line, which sluggishly moves towards Amma’s seat

Scene 3: Having received Amma’s darshan, the passengers now look very happy and relaxed. They settle down in their seats. Now the entire crew, including the pilot and the co-pilot, queue up for darshan. We were beginning to wonder who was flying the plane! But what could the pilots do? Their attraction to Mother was so strong, and they were waiting like everyone else for their turn in the line. So each one of them received a motherly hug. They also heard the sweet music of Amma’s whisperings of grace, received an unforgettable, radiant smile and a candy prasad from Her which lightened up their hearts and souls.