Amma in Dubai

26th of September, 2000

Welcome Speech by Sheik Ahmed Lutfi, Director Finance Ministry, Dubai

“Dear friends,

I am immensely delighted to welcome Her Holiness Mata Amritanandamayi Devi to Dubai. Amma has demonstrated by Her very life that human hearts can be won by pure and selfless love. If only all humanity can have this attitude towards their fellow beings then this world would be the heaven that we have only heard about and not experienced.

Leaders like Amma teach us that peace cannot be bought at the negotiating table. Peace has to be earned out of selfless love. Amma has toured the world several times over the past two decades, spreading Her message of peace and love to all without any difference of religion, class or creed. Her tender and loving embrace moves the heart of each and everyone and makes them feel like innocent children in the arms of their own mother. I welcome Amma on behalf of all my brothers and sisters. Along with all of you I too join palms in humble prayer for the peace and harmony of the entire humanity.

Thank you very much.”