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Visit to Japan

(29 May '00)

29 May 2000, Tokyo For the tenth year, Amma’s Japanese devotees welcomed her to Japan, with great reverence and love. Devotees came from the farthest corners of the country; some had even driven for two days to meet Amma for the first time. Characteristic of their culture, Mother’s Japanese children expressed their devotion through hard […]

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Baby Ram settles into his new home

(25 May '00)

Like all babies, Ram is endearing himself to the hearts of his Amritapuri family, from whom he is receiving continuous vibrations of affection, if not actual hugs. “Is he eating, sleeping, taking his bath, is he happy??”, they ask. According to his keepers, he is progressing well, although they would like him to eat a […]

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Amma leaves for Japan

(24 May '00)

24 May 2000, Amritapuri Amma left for Her summer tour of Japan and the United States on the 24th of May. It was a sunny morning, and visitors and ashram residents stood in the garden beneath Her room waiting for a last glimpse of their beloved Amma. Shortly before 11 a.m., radiant in Her white […]

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The History of Amritapuri

(23 May '00)

In the beginning the ashram was simply Amma’s family’s house. The handful of brahmacharis slept on the sand under the stars. Amma had a small hut built next to the parents’ house, which doubled as a kitchen, in which she slept with the earliest female disciples. Darshan took place in the family cows’ cowshed that […]

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Pain and Palliative Care

(16 May '00)

The Pain and Palliative Care Department is a totally charitable service dedicated to giving comfort and care to patients suffering from terminal cancer. Although 75% of cancer patients suffer a lot of pain, most of this pain is manageable with proper medicines and care. Anyone can attend the outpatient clinic. The service is free of […]

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Amrita Kripa Charitable Hospital

(16 May '00)

The Amrita Kripa charitable hospital is located on the beach road alongside the ashram in Amritapuri was started in 1996. It serves the coastal villagers free in consultations, procedures, lab works, and medicines. The residents of Amritapuri, including 3000 hostel students of the Amrita University, and the devotee visitors to the ashram also take the […]

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Ram’s arrival

(15 May '00)

On May 15th, 2000, a baby elephant, the gift of a devotee, arrived in Amritapuri. The little one had traveled for 5 days by ship and truck from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where he was born. He was just 15 months old. His mother from Bihar and father from Kerala worked in the forests. […]

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