Visit to Japan

29 May 2000, Tokyo

For the tenth year, Amma’s Japanese devotees welcomed her to Japan, with great reverence and love. Devotees came from the farthest corners of the country; some had even driven for two days to meet Amma for the first time.

Characteristic of their culture, Mother’s Japanese children expressed their devotion through hard work and dedicated attention to the very last detail concerning Amma’s programmes. With Mother as the unifying factor, the language barrier presented no obstacle between the Japanese and foreign devotees. The language of the heart and the feeling of oneness in being Mother’s children transcended all limitations of words.

In a society where emotional display is uncommon, it was striking to see so many people emerge from Mother’s arms with tears streaming down their faces, visibly moved by the experience.

This is what a few of them had to say about their meeting with Amma:

“I heard about Amma’s unlimited love from a friend. I then read one of Amma’s books, which strongly reconfirmed my direction in life. Meeting Amma today gave me great happiness and bliss.”
A 51-year-old woman meeting Amma for the first time

“I understood that God’s heart is not a heart that wants love; it is a heart that never stops loving.”
A 27-year-old man who was meeting Amma for the 4th time

“The moment I saw Amma, I could feel the beauty of her loving energy, and the meditative, peaceful atmosphere around her. Just seeing her was wonderful, but actually receiving Her darshan was an experience that cannot be put into words.”
A 33-year-old woman meeting Amma for the first time