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Divali in Spring: The devotion of the farmers of Vidarbha

24 February 2008 — Washim, Vidarbha, Maharashtra There is an old Marathi saying: sadhu sant yeti ghara toci divali dasara—When sadhus and saints visit your house, it is the real Divali and Vijaya Dasami. When Amma came to give darshan in Washim, the villagers there proved their faith in this maxim by dedicating themselves fully […]

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Vow Not to Commit Suicide

24 February, Bharata Yatra 2008 Washim, Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra Amma’s first visit to Washim, an agricultural town in Maharashtra’s Vidarbha Region, was truly something to see. The people had never met Amma before, but they welcomed her with all the hearts and souls—filling the streets and offering her their pranams as she drove past and […]