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  • Amma dedicated Bharat Mata Temple to the Nation

    Amma dedicated Bharat Mata Temple to the Nation

    28 Jan, Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu – Bharata Yatra 2017 Amma dedicated the Ramayanam Darshanam (exhibition on Valmiki Ramayana) and the Bharatamata Sadanam (Bharata Mata Temple) to the nation at the Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Entering the ground floor of the temple, Amma was given a tour of the Ramayana gallery, then performed a puja to…

  • As With Vivekanada, So With Amma

    As With Vivekanada, So With Amma

    Bharata Yatra 2007 6 February 2007 — Ramnad, Tamil Nadu After the maha-samadhi of his guru, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Swami Vivekananda wandered for several years throughout the length and breadth of India. Towards the end of this period of parikrama, the spiritual visionary met two kings who encouraged him to act upon his idea of…

  • Proclaim to All

    Proclaim to All

    11 January, 2004 – Kanya Kumari Just a few hours after Amma hugged Her last Thiruvananthapuram child, the first fully loaded bus set out for the next stop on the 2004 Dakshina Bharata Yatra — the holy city of Kanya Kumari. This famous pilgrimage centre is located at the southernmost tip of the Indian sub-continent,…