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  • Japanese touch to Raichur houses

    Japanese touch to Raichur houses

    One should be able to see all of creation as one, the unity beyond the apparent diversity. Amma advises us to practice that attitude in our day to day life, and we could get a glimpse of it by seeing the IVUSA Japanese students working on the Amrita kuteeram site of Raichur, Karnataka. For one…

  • Gift of grace in Raichur

    Within 20 days, Amma has completed 100 houses. records were broken again and again 242 houses were handed over on August. Now almost all the allotted houses on the three sites stand completed, awaiting allotment by the Government for the displaced families in Raichur

  • Japanese students help Raichur housing project

    Sixty students from Japan’s International Volunteer University Student Association came from Tokyo to join Amma’s house construction project in Karnataka.

  • Raichur house construction in progress

    Raichur house construction in progress

    MAM started the construction of houses in the Raichur District of North Karnataka.

  • Amma will inspire others

    Amma will inspire others

    “Amma has come to shower Her Love. All over the world, people wait for Amma’s arrival and Darshan like the proverbial chataka birds waiting for the rain.”