Around Amma 2004 Tsunami

Smriti Deepam: lamps of remembrance

26 December 2005 — Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala The walk had been made before—16 days shy of a year ago. Then and now, the prayers were the same: May the dead find peace… May those who loved them find peace.,, May the whole world be happy. But although the walk Amma led from Amritapuri […]


Mass cremation in Azhikkal

28 December 2004 — Azhikkal, Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala The sun was going down when the pyres were lit at the beach in Azhikkal. As the sun set, its sullen red colour spread across the sky, as if it were sharing the grief of the villagers. The air was filled with the moaning cries […]