Around Amma Around Amma 2005

Teaching values: an untraditional way, from children to parents

Today, the father of a child enrolled in Amrita vidyalayam —Mangalore came forward for Amma’s darshan; his eyes were filled with tears. It was difficult for him to hold back his emotions. And as soon as he fell into Amma’s arms, he began to tell her his story. One day last week, he was invited […]

Around Amma Yatra

Miracle in Mangalore

Bharata Yatra 2004 Wednesday, 18 February 2004 — Mangalore, Karnataka Twenty-two hours sitting; 50,000 tokens issued—the numbers speak for themselves. “One more hour. She will finish it up in another hour.” Everywhere you turned, this is what you heard—in the bookstall, in the accommodation, on the stage itself. One first started hearing such speculations around […]