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  • Amritapuri Ashram photos 2008

    Aerial and surroundings photos of Ashram form the year 2008 [Show slideshow]

  • Kali puja on Karthika

    Kali puja on Karthika

    26 July 2000, Amritapuri On Wednesday 26 July, Amma’s Birthstar (Karthika) was celebrated with a Kali puja in the Kalari. The entire ashram had been decorated with garlands and lamps, and the Kalari itself was graced with traditional motifs (mandalas) and more lamps and garlands. The highlight of the ritual occurred during the singing of…

  • Restoration of the Kalari

    The Kalari is the small temple where Amma first started giving darshan consists of a tiny inner shrine room and an outer-covered veranda where Krishna Bhava used to be held in 1975. Bhajans were sung every evening. Over time, the roof made of coconut tree planks became unstable and the concrete floor of the inner…