101 Village adoption

I will take the light to dispel the darkness

“When I return to my village I will teach how one becomes physically dependent on alcohol and how difficult it is to stop drinking once you start,” said Pankaj Kumar, age twenty-two. “I will explain how inhaling smoke from indoor stoves is bad for health, and how chimneys can easily be installed.” Pankaj, from the […]

Around Amma Free Pension India 2006 Yatra

May Ammas love blossom in Jharkhand

25 March, 2006 — Ranchi, Jharkhand “We’ve heard a lot about Amma and seen her on TV, but today we have the great luck of actually meeting her and having her darshan, and as such I feel very happy,” said Arjun Munda, the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, upon Amma’s first visit to the recently formed […]