Education Educational Scholarship

We are able to dream and dream big

Five young survivors of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake who have been receiving Embracing the World scholarships since then wrote a letter to Amma after graduating from high school this summer. They wrote: “Dear Amma, We would like to thank you for allowing us to graduate, because without your financial support this journey might not have […]

Disaster Relief Orphanage

Amma to start an orphanage in Haiti

9 March 2010, San Ramon, USA Amma is starting an orphanage in Haiti in order to care of children who lost their relatives in the earthquake of 12 January 2010. A four-story house rented in Laboulle, a suburb in the hills outside of Port-au-Prince, which is in the process  of being converted into an orphanage. […]

Disaster Relief

Amma sends relief to Haiti

15 January 2010 In response to the deepening crisis in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, Amma announced a plan to provide relief there. In the United States, volunteers based at M.A. Center are already rushing to assemble boxes of clothing and medical goods—surgical supplies, first aid kits,  and ambulatory aids like canes and walkers—for immediate shipment to Haiti. […]