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What are the attributes of a truly ‘Great’ person

16-17 March, Kochi, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2019 Kochi saw a celebratory tone during Amma’s Bramhasthanam programs. On arrival at 6:40pm from Palakkad on March 15, Amma was welcomed by Vedic Chants from students of Tantra Vidyapeetham, Lalita sahasranamam by students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and bhajans by devotees. Looking at the crowd from the […]

Around Amma Free Pension India 2007 Yatra

Amma receives in her feet every thorn of this earth

28 April – Edappalli, Ernakulam Brahmasthanam Festival, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2007 With Kerala steeped in the summer heat, Amma began her short tour of central Kerala this week, visiting first her ashram and Brahmasthanam Temple in Edappalli, Ernakulam. The heat was oppressive, but each night it rained, the temperatures dropped down, bringing external relief alongside with Amma’s […]


Houses are ready in Ernakulam

6 April 2005 Concreating, plastering, wiring & painting of 18 homes are almost finished. Construction of the rest of the 32 houses are underway in Edavanakkad, Ernakulam District, Kerala Construction materials for 150 homes is being transported to Arattupuzha, Alappuzha District, Kerala. Materials for construction in Alappad Panchayat, Kollam District, Kerala are being procured. Received […]