Around Amma 2015 Ashram Cultural

Homage to the ancestors – more than a thanks giving

14 August 2015, Amritapuri A mass ceremony was conducted at Amritapuri this morning. Vavu Bali, as it is locally known, is a traditional ritual where oblations are offered to departed ancestors. The ceremony is performed on Amavasi (new moon) in the Hindu month of Karkidaka. About 1500 devotees personally participated in this special Yagna, joined […]

Free Marriages

Community wedding conducted by Amma

27 Sep 2014 – Amritavarsham, Amma’s 61st Birthday celebrations Amma conducted marriage of 63 impoverished couples, with MAM providing all marriage clothing, jewellery, feast and other arrangements needed for the marriage for free. For the last so many years Amma has been conducting the mass marriage during her birthday celebrations.  

Birthday Free Marriages

Free marriage for the poor

27 Sep 2012, Amritapuri – Amma’s 59th Birthday celebrations Amma conducted the weddings for 59 impoverished couples. The couples were given new cloths  and gold ornaments and food for all family members who attended. This was part of the number of charitable activities launched during the 59th birthday celebrations of Amma. [av_partner columns=’1′ heading=” size=’no […]

Birthday Community Out Reach

Story of an Orphan Bride

27 September 2007 — Amritapuri It has become a birthday tradition – on Amma’s 54th birthday she once again performed the marriage ceremonies for 50 impoverished couples. The Ashram sponsored all the traditional wedding items—from brocade saris, to gold wedding necklaces and rings to post-wedding family feasts. This year, one of the brides was Jayashree, […]