Around Amma 2021 Birthday

Keep hope & use hardships to rise

Only when one gets a few blows in life does one learn to look within. It is when we experience tragedy that the wish to learn how to transcend sorrow.

Around Amma 2021 Messages of Amma

Onam is an occasion to make ourselves and others happy

Onam is a time that transforms even the elderly into little children; it awakens the child in everyone. It is a time that everyone joins in the Onam games and celebrations and forgets everything else.

Around Amma 2021 Education Messages of Amma

Remodel our education system with the vision of Bharat

Education should spread light within and without, instil awareness and strengthen the deep bond between the student and his nation, the world, his fellow human beings and other creatures, Nature and God.

Around Amma 2021 Education International Forum

Amma conferred with a doctorate by Kalinga Institute

Amma was conferred with an honorary degree—D.Litt from the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology in recognition of Amma’s great contributions in the field of spirituality, education, environmental issues, humanitarian efforts, love and compassion.

Around Amma 2020 Birthday Messages of Amma

Karuna-virus can conquer the coronavirus

The fragrance of goodness travels equally in all directions.

Around Amma 2020 Messages of Amma

Until the inner Guru awakens, one needs an external Guru

Even though God and guru dwell within us, our mental state is unfit to imbibe that presence. At present we are extroverted; so, the inner guru has yet to awaken.

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Sannyas is a state of total renunciation beginning and ending in compassion

Each moment should become filled with alertness, love and faith as the sannyasin strives to reach that goal. We need to develop awareness in each and every word, every look, every thought and every action.

Around Amma 2020 Festivals Messages of Amma

When we renounce the heaviest burden of our ego, we will rise to the plane of Shiva

Lord Shiva is the supreme bliss and complete perfection of that ego-renunciation. Shivaratri is the knowledge ‘I am that perfection’.

Around Amma 2020 India 2020

Amma visits Rajbhavan

9 Feb, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala – Bharata Yatra 2020 Upon the invite of the Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, Amma visited his official residence Rajbhavan on her way back to Amritapuri after Tiruvananthapuram Brahmasthanam Festival. Amma spent more than one hour with the Governor and his wife. Shri Arif Muhamad Khan when he took charge as […]

Around Amma 2020 India 2020

We begin to grow when we give more than we take

We receive what we give selflesslessly. We should see divinity in all living beings and love and serve them.