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Amma dreams of a golden time and society where men and women are equal

The 11th edition of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair was inaugurated by Amma at the Gurunanak college in Chennai on Tuesday.

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The light of Amma’s Love in the shadow of Arunachala

This universe keeps flowing, following its own rhythm, harmony and tune. Thus, human beings need to chart the path of their lives according to the tune and rhythm of nature.

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Amma has come to bless every living being in Madurai

“When attaining more and more wealth is our main objective, even a long life with ample wealth won’t be enjoyable,” Amma said during her visit to Madurai.

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Through living a good life, we can rewrite our destiny

31 Dec 2019 – New Year’s Eve, Amritapuri The new decade was ushered in at Amritapuri with a beautiful tableau of dances and musical performances representing the cultural traditions of Amma’s children of all ages from across India and many parts of the world, to the delight of the thousands assembled to celebrate and reflect […]