Month: May 2007

  • Familiar faces

    30 May  Seattle — Washington, USA Yatra 2007 After touching down at Sea-Tac International Airport, Amma went to a devotees’ house located just to the north of Seattle. As has become customary, a number of devotees had gathered there to welcome Amma to the U.S for this, her 21st annual tour of the country. Amma quickly…

  • Amma visits Seattle 2007

    A few photos from Amma her annual visit to Seattle, USA in 2007

  • Amma in Japan 2007

    Amma visited Kobe & Tokyo, Japan from 25-29 May 2007

  • Amma leaves for Japan

    Amma left Amitapuri this morning for programmes in Japan, US, Canada and South America. Amma will be back in Amritapuri only in the month of August.

  • IAM instructors

    A three day IAM Meditation camp for a new batch of instructors, started at Amritapuri today.

  • Youth wise beyond their years, meet wisdom from beyond

    Youth wise beyond their years, meet wisdom from beyond

    Amritam 2007 — Personality Development Camp 11 May — Amritapuri On Friday, Amma held a second question-and-answer session with the children participating in the Amritam ’07 Personality Development Camp. Before Amma began answering the children’s questions, she told them all that she expects to see some change in them after their completion of the five-day…

  • Darshan in Amritapuri

    Amma will be giving darshan on Saturday and Sunday (May 12th & 13th). This will be the last darshan in Amritapuri before Amma leaves for her tour of Japan, United States and South America. The next darshan in Amritapuri will be in early August.

  • Questioning children can eradicate poverty

    Amritam 2007 — Personality Development Camp 8 May — Amritapuri “What is the meaning of ‘Om’?”, “Why must devotees of God still face sorrow?”, “Was the tsunami a punishment sent by God?”, “Amma, when you were a little girl and your parents beat you, what were your thoughts?” These were some of the questions put…

  • Amma is the hub for transformation

    4 May — Trissur, Kerala — Bharata Yatra 2007 At Mata Amritanandamayi Devi’s Brahmasthanam Festival in Trissur, the new Amrita Nilayam Working Women’s Hostel was inaugurated by the city’s mayor, Professor R. Bindu. The aim of the hostel is to provide safe living quarters for women working in the city of Trissur. In her speech,…

  • Amma in Trissur

    Amma reached Trissur this evening after the Brahmasthanam Festival in Palakkad. Amma will be here in Trissur for the next two days, participating in the Brahmasthanam Festival.