Sadhana Satsang

Connect to God, the source of power

Question: Amma, it is said that if a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) touches someone, he will lose his spiritual power. Is this true?” Amma: A small battery, which has only a limited amount of power stored in it, will lose some power whenever it is used. However, a wire connected to the mains will always stay […]

Householders Sadhana

How to overcome anger

“Suppose you have a weakness of getting angry easily. Now, what you should do is this: Once you become normal again, go and sit in the family shrine room if you have one, or sit in solitude; then regret and repent your own anger and sincerely pray to your beloved deity or to Mother Nature, […]

Around Amma Around Amma 2003 Videos

Singing Darshan in Kochi

3 April 2003, Kochi The devotees in Kochi received a sweet surprise late one evening as Amma stopped giving darshan long enough to sing two bhajans. It began when three Gujarati children came for Amma’s darshan. It was their first chance to meet Amma but, knowing their native place, Amma asked, “Have you heard Amma […]