Connect to God, the source of power

Question: Amma, it is said that if a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) touches someone, he will lose his spiritual power. Is this true?”

Amma: A small battery, which has only a limited amount of power stored in it, will lose some power whenever it is used. However, a wire connected to the mains will always stay charged. In the same way, you will lose your power if you identify yourself to be the limited ego, similar to a small battery. On the other hand, if you are connected to God, the source of infinite power, how can you lose any power?

That which comes from the unlimited is unlimited. If you use a burning wick to light a thousand wicks, it doesn’t affect the radiance of that wick.

It is true that a sadhak can easily lose his spiritual power. He should therefore be very alert and use his discrimination. During his sadhana period, he has to be careful at each step of the way. When you are still on the plane of the body, mind and intellect, you have to be careful about everything. Until a sadhak is able to control his mind, he has to abide by the yamas and niyamas (do’s and don’ts on the spiritual path). Once he transcends this state, he has nothing to fear. Then there is no need to worry if he happens to touch someone. All he has to do is look upon the other person as God. He will then gain power instead of losing it.