Sthala Purana

Legends of Nagapattinam

The golden fish & other ┬álegends of Nagapattinam Sthala Puranas of Bharat Nagapattinam has a very ancient history. In fact, in Brahmananda Purana [circa 3000 B.C.E.], it is said that the area’s Soundarvaraja Perumal Temple has existed in all four yugas 1. According to the Purana, Nagapattinam was originally called “Soundaranyam.” It’s current name, which […]


Vishu: The New Year Festival of Kerala

If your first step is wrong, the whole journey will be wrong. World over an emphasis is put on beginnings. Getting off to a good start is essential, as the beginning is the foundation upon which everything that comes after rests. Indian culture, perhaps more than any other, stresses the importance of beginning things properly. […]


Stupika installation at Amritapuri

6 April 2000, Amritapuri Today the Gopura-Stuptika Pratishtapana ceremony was performed at Amritapuri ashram, and the main meditation dome, which is the highest point of the temple building, received a sacred Stupika (a pointed metallic apex vessel). The side domes also received smaller Stupikas. According to the ashram astrologer, this is the first auspicious period since […]


Amma is beyond all Bhavas

Question: If Advaita (non-duality) is the Truth, why is bhava darshan necessary? Amma: Amma is not confined to any bhava (mood). She is beyond all bhavas. Advaita is the experience of non-duality. When there are no two, everything is the Atmaswarupa (form of the Self); everything is God. This is also the message that Amma […]

Around Amma

The irresistible pull

1 April 2000, Singapore At sunset Mother led Her devotees to a nearby park to meditate. They sat quietly together for a quarter of an hour, and then rose to head back home. Imagine the scene: a quiet, upscale neighbourhood, with neatly trimmed lawns and clean streets. Out of nowhere, there suddenly appears a small […]