The irresistible pull

1 April 2000, Singapore

At sunset Mother led Her devotees to a nearby park to meditate. They sat quietly together for a quarter of an hour, and then rose to head back home. Imagine the scene: a quiet, upscale neighbourhood, with neatly trimmed lawns and clean streets. Out of nowhere, there suddenly appears a small Indian woman in a white sari, walking down the middle of the street followed by twenty-five people of all races, most of them also white-clad. It might make you stop and look, and wonder. Apparently it did for a driver who, having passed the group, stopped his car about ten metres ahead. A dignified, middle-aged Chinese gentleman got out, and waited as Amma approached. He stood there, spontaneously raising his clasped hands above his head. As the group passed him, he followed, his eyes constantly on Amma. He went right up to the house entrance, and as Amma went inside, he prostrated.

Later he said that as he drove past Amma, he felt a very strange sensation. Without any thought or effort he simply got out of the car and followed the strong pull he experienced towards the “lady in white.”

One is reminded of the stories of Jesus walking along the shores of a great lake, and the fishermen leaving their nets and following Him.