Amma the Spiritual Master

Amma in Amritapuri

“Amma doesn’t make any claims.” This is something we hear Amma say quite often. In fact, True Masters don’t need to declare themselves to the world, for they will be recognized by those who are sincere in their search or pure of heart. Does the mother need to tell the baby, “I am your mother?” And so it is with Amma.

The essence of India lies in Her culture of Self-realization. God is not seen as something apart, but as our very essence, the one True Self that resides in the heart of us all. Raising ourselves from ordinary individuals to the heights of God Consciousness is only possible with the guidance of one who is already in that transcendent state. Such a one is called a Satguru, a True Master, as in one who has gained mastery over the mind, one who is beyond the mind.

From ancient times up to the present day, an unbroken succession of Self-realized Masters has taken birth in India to lead seekers of Truth to the ultimate reality. Yes, Amma makes no claims, but seekers from all over the world are finding in Her what they have been looking for—someone who directly experiences the supreme truth and is capable of leading them to that goal.

In Amma, we find a Master, a Mother, a Friend and a Guide. Considering all to be Her children, She rejects none and is always accessible. From the village fisherman concerned about his poor catch to the disciple enquiring into the nature of reality, Amma is always ready to advise those who come to Her with faith and heartfelt need. And, rendered in Her native Malayalam, Her words elucidate the subtlest of truths in a manner that even a child can understand.

Although Amma has studied only up to the fourth standard, She is inspiring a spiritual renaissance throughout India and abroad. In 1995, Amma addressed the Interfaith Celebration in honour of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. In that address, She expressed her vision for the future, one in which faith and meditation bring the world to a place of Self-knowledge, unity, peace and tranquillity. Anyone can see Amma’s vision is not for a select few, but for the world, for the entire creation.

Amma never had a Guru. Nor has She studied any scriptures. Yet She has become the Spiritual Master — the centre of the universe, the life force, the guiding light — for millions. When your disciplehood is invoked, you realize that the Master has always been there waiting for you.

ഓംകാരദിവ്യപ്പൊരുളേ വരൂ
ഓമന മക്കളേ വേഗം
ഓമനയായ് വളര്‍ന്നാമയങ്ങള്‍ നീക്കി

Omkara divya porule varu
Omana makkale vegam
Omanayay valarnnamyangal neekki
Omkara vastuvay teeru

Come quickly darling children, you who are the essence of Aum.
Grow as endearing ones, Removing all sorrow, and become one with Om

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