Tsunami relief in Chennai

16 January 2005

The Ashram has adopted three villages in Chennai.

They are Kovalam (2000 families), Pudunemelli (62 families) and Daeveneri (190 families).

The Ashram is feeding some 7,500 people around Chennai a day

The Ashram has set up a relief camp in Thiruvanniyur, about 60 km from Amma’s ashram in Chennai.

The Ashram continues to distribute clothes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, soaps, biscuits, five kgs of rice, truckloads of biscuits and toothepaste.

Moksha Deepam, peace pujas for the dead, were conducted in four places by Swami Ramakrishnananda and brahmacharis Vinayamrita and Ajamrita: Kasimedu, Kovalam, Karikatakuppam and Srinivasapuram.