Yes, Amma. I understand

16 January 2005,Amritapuri

The family consisted of a grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and young boy of about three. As the family approached Amma for darshan, the boy told his family, “I want to ask Amma a question, but you cannot laugh.” They all promised.

Soon the entire family was in Amma’s arms. As Amma looked at each of them with love in Her eyes, the boy leaned forward. “Amma, who are you?” he asked.

Amma did not miss a beat. She pointed at the little boy’s heart and said, “Who is breathing here? That is Amma.”

The boy looked a little confused, so Amma asked, “Understand?”

The boy then took a deep breath in and let it out. His expression was that of one deep in thought. Again he took a deep breath and let it out. He then nodded his head, “Yes, Amma. I understand.”