Amma is painting the picture of a new Bharat


24 March — Jaipur, Rajasthan- Bharata Yatra 2007


“Amma is the embodiment of compassion and love, and everyone is gathered here today for that love alone,” Sri. Anshuman Singh, the former Governor of Rajasthan, said to the devotees gathered for Amma’s program in Jaipur. The former governor was one of a number of dignitaries on hand to welcome Amma to the Pink City. Others included Sri. Ghanshyam Tiwari, the Honourable Minister of Higher Education for Rajasthan; Sri. Ashok Parnami, the Mayor of Jaipur; the head priest of the Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain; and the Shankarcharya of Jyotir the Math.

“Today there are 360 million people in our country living below the poverty, unable to afford even two meals a day,” said former governor Singh. “They cannot even sleep due to the pangs of hunger. Yet on the other hand, there are many who are well off. Through the love that Amma teaches, it is my hope that those who have can share their good fortune with the have-nots, so that no one has to go to sleep hungry. In this way Amma is painting the picture of a new Bharat.”


Education Minister Ghanashyam Tiwari also addressed the gathering. “In today’s world the worst poverty is spiritual,” he said. “And until the humanitarian values are learned, this spiritual poverty will remain. Throughout the ages many saints and sages have spread these truths throughout Bharat, but Amma is spreading throughout the world.”

Minister Tiwari also helped Amma distribute checks to a dozen or so new enrolees in the Ashram’s lifetime pension program for widows and disabled people–Amrita Nidhi. Mayor Parnami helped Amma distribute sewing machines to 10 impoverished women from the Jaipur area. The machines are given with the intention of helping empower the women to expand their financial horizons.