Festival of joy starts again at Amritapuri

2 Aug 2010, Amritapuri


Amma is the source of ultimate happiness and to many here at Amritapuri, Amma’s presence itself is an event of Joy. Amma reached Ashram completing the long US-Japan yatra yesterday. Amma’s arrival at Ashram was a sight of bliss. Archana had just finished and as if prayers were responded immediately, Amma’s camper pulled in through the Ashram gates. “Amma Amma” – was all one could hear. Policing staff could do little to hold the eager crowd from crowding and falling on her. Amma was as always smiling and her eyes seemed searching and looking at all around while saying “Children Children”. Amma had gone into her room and as the crowd was dispersing, lo suddenly she came to a window. She looked endearingly at one and all as if her glances had missed someone. It was as if she wanted us all more than we would dream wanting to be with her. Ashram was in perfect bliss, enthralled by that glanced and by the presence that personified Love.

Amma came to the stage for bhajans the same evening. Many visitors have come from afar and Amma’s bhajans reflected the loving glance that made us all feel wanted, more than ever.

– Kannadi