How to Know God Exists

12 April 2008 — Gold Coast, Australia

During the Gold Coast Retreat, Amma held a question-and-answer session with all of the devotees. Towards the end of the session, many people were still raising their hands. For the last question, Amma pointed to a man standing way in the back of the crowd. When he took the microphone, he humbly asked, “Amma, I have seen so many spiritual masters. Can you please answer the question I have sought from all of them: How can I know—not believe—but know that God exists?”


Hearing his question, Amma laughed and said, “You yourself are the proof, because you are God.” Amma then explained that to deny God’s existence is like using one’s tongue to deny the existence of the tongue. Amma then called the man to her. When he approached, she said, “Open your heart and love like a child. Then you will know God.” Hearing this, he leaned forward and laid his head on her lap.