Those who bring solace to the suffering are true lovers of God

Amma on Christmas 2023 in Amritapuri

25 Dec 2023 – Christmas celebrations, Amritapuri

In a joyous convergence of people from across India and around the world, Amritapuri transformed into a melting pot of cultures for its Christmas celebrations. The program unfolded with a diverse array of performances, capturing the spirit of the season.

The festivities commenced with a heartwarming drama featuring a special visit from Santa Claus, who made a delightful stop at Amritapuri on his worldwide journey.

Santa Claus in Amritapuri 2023

The cultural tapestry unfolded with passionate expressions of devotion through various performances. From a mesmerizing honey bee dance to a Mexican Mariachi singer adorned with a traditional sombrero, Bharat Natyam dancers portraying the vision of Mother Kali, to a Broadway-style dance paying tribute to Amma’s universal love — the stage came alive with vibrant energy.

Amma, the beacon of love, delivered her Christmas message and shared profound insights.

“Mahatmas come into this world like the advent of spring. When spring arrives, all the plants, creepers, and trees put out new shoots and bloom fresh flowers. Dragonflies, butterflies and birds joyfully flit through the air. It feels as though the earth and sky have been revitalised, infused with a renewed and vibrant life. Mahatmas similarly infuse fresh life into human culture. They generate a giant wave of joy, enthusiasm and hope in the human heart. When the full moon shines in the sky, the tide rises on Earth. On a full moon night, we even see the level of the backwaters rise a full three feet higher when compared to the day. The water that is already present in the river rises at that time. This is similar to the joyful swelling of the human heart when our connection to God becomes firmly established. It awakens our inherent potential.”

Amma speaking at Christmas in Amritapuri

Reminding us about the importance of Mahatmas, Amma said: “The very presence of the Mahatma reminds us that the primary goal of human life is to attain God-realisation. The potential to do so is present within us but has gone dormant, like a forgotten song. When we hear the first line of that song, its memory is awakened and we are able to recall it. The presence of the Mahatma is such a wakeup call. Their life inspires us to emulate the values they exemplify. Christmas commemorates the advent of Christ on Earth, bearing the message of spirituality to a populace immersed in ignorance. Today the entire world is celebrating this event.”

Amma highlighted the power of viewing the world through the lens of spirituality and serving humanity through the hands of science. She urged humanity to transcend duality and recognize the fundamental essence of all religions — love.

Amma distributing Christmas cake in Amritapuri

“The one whose legs rush to help the suffering, whose hands yearn to give comfort to the sorrowful, whose eyes shed tears of compassion, whose ears listen to the sorrows of the distressed, and whose words bring solace to those in pain—indeed, they are the true lovers of God!” proclaimed Amma.

As the celebration unfolded, Amma sang soulful bhajans, and the joyous atmosphere culminated with the distribution of Christmas cake, symbolizing the sweet spirit of unity and celebration.


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