Akshata from Ram Mandir offered to Amma

6 Jan 2024, Amritapuri Ashram

Senior Pracharak of Kerala, S Setu Madhavan, and fellow Pracharaks visited the ashram, presenting Akshata from Ayodhya Ram Mandir to Amma.

Speaking on the blessed occassion Amma said : “What remains constant in our lives and is to be sustained always is Dharma. Only then can peace and prosperity prevail. Heaven is on earth itself, not anywhere else. We can only enjoy it if we sustain Dharma. Sri Rama embodies the principle of Dharma. To awaken that knowledge within and without, and to sustain it, we will light the lamp (during the prana pratishta of Ram Lala on the 22nd). May there be Shanti, peace, and prosperity. May all awaken to that mindset. Offering everything to Paramatman, Amma graciously accepts this Akshata”

Amma accepts the Akshata from Ayodhya