Portugal waiting for Amma

Amma activities have started in Portugal in a big way. The Amma satsang group in Lisbon, the beautiful capitol city of Portugal, had invited Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya for an evening programme of public talk, bhajans and meditation there on the 30th May, 2007. Being the first official programme there, nobody knew what to expect. But, before the venue was open for the evening programme, people were already waiting outside. By the time the programme started the whole hall was fully packed and people were asked to sit on the stage. None of the people moved till the end of the programme and sat through with rapt attention. The only question that people had to ask Br. Shubamrita was, “When are you bringing Amma to Portugal? We can hardly wait to see Her.”On the second day evening, seeing the response on the first day, a programme was arranged at the Radha Krishna temple there. Though there was no prior announcement or information, still many found about it and reached the venue to take part in satsang and bhajans.

Portugal is another country in line waiting for Amma’s visit.