Dharma is the root principle of Life

Lord Krishna maintained a practical attitude in all life situations. He never regretted or second-guessed himself. He never worried, “Maybe that was the wrong decision.” Or “Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.” Or “Perhaps that is not what I should have said.” His approach to life was firm and dharmic. The reason for saying that is, Krishna went as a messenger to the Kauravas even though he was not invited. But he didn’t regret later because His attitude was, “Let us try. If a change happens, well and good.”

When Dharma was failing, Krishna tried his best to avoid that, to uphold Dharma. It was quite evident in his approach to Karna as well. He advised Karna, “You are the eldest son of Queen Kunti. You are supposed to fight on the side of the Dharma. Don’t stick to the side for the sake of benefits you get. It is Dharma that should become victorious. Only then people will be victorious. You should not befriend adharma just for the sake of selfish desires. Protecting the world is a greater goal. Please come. Please come.”

Karna did not agree, and thus Krishna felt no remorse when Karna was killed. He had tried his best in words and actions and had left the rest to Karna’s fate. Though Krishna knew what was going to happen in advance, he still tried.

It is a lesson to us that we should keep trying. If we fail regardless of our efforts, we will never feel regret. There may be circumstances where we might have to be humble or other moments where we might not have to. Our lives should go according to that principle. These things tend to happen. We should develop an attitude of acceptance. Our conscience should always be like a well-balanced needle on the measuring scale. It is Dharma. If we don’t outwit our own conscience, then we don’t have to be afraid. We can be happy in whatever situation we may face with the thought that I acted for Dharma.

We need a thorn to remove another. To uplift pigs, we may have to live amongst pigs and behave like them. To uplift cows, one has to behave like a cow. To transform thieves, one should first act like a thief. We might have to go to their level.

Abidance in the Self and Self-confidence was Krishna’s peculiarity. He was the greatest leader that the world has ever seen. This is because Krishna was also a social worker unparalleled in this world. Lord Krishna stresses how important it is that each person uplifts themselves by their own effort. Only with effort can there be any progress. However, even when we are putting forth the effort, we should have the attitude of surrender to the power of God that controls everything.