Bhajans in the Dark

Amma at night

Bharata Yatra 2004

Tuesday, 24 February 2004 — On the road to Hyderabad

There was a second stop for Amma and Her tour group on the long road from Davanagere to Hyderabad, and as many anticipated, this one was for tea and practicing bhajans.

Amma singing at night

The sun had just set when Amma’s six buses pulled over to the side of the highway near a wide field. To the west, a thin line of rosy light remained, and in the sky hung a crescent moon, with Venus shining boldly just beneath it. Amma was seated in the field, and Her children gathered in a circle around Her feet as She looked down at them with loving glances. Soon, a lantern was placed in front of Her, and Her white-clad form shown brightly in the darkness.

Amma was presented with a book of bhajans, a harmonium was carried out and into the quiet of the night Amma began to softly sing. Her voice was as quiet and gentle as a lullaby. The song a new one in Telugu called “Nirajanam,” which means arati, or worship.

Amma also sang a new Hindi bhajan to Lord Ganesha and a new bhajan in Malayalam written by Swamiji.

The tour group sat in a ring of light, at the center of which Amma shined like a lighthouse on a dark sea. As darkness set in and the constellations began to shine, many noticed how the crescent moon seemed to mirror Amma’s nose ring.