Forgive and forget, happiness will embrace us

Amma on New Year 2010

Children, the New Year is here, bringing with it new hopes and dreams. It is like a new page in a journal. We are the ones who decide what should be written on it. It can be notes of love, compassion and peace or it could be anger, selfishness and indifference. The choice is ours.

When our finger accidentally pokes our eye, instead of chopping it off, the same finger is used to soothen the eye. This is because we know the eye and the finger are both parts of our self. If we are able to see divinity in everyone, we will be filled with compassion which will help us to forgive and forget others’ misdeeds.

A couple once fell out over something quite petty. As the bitterness persisted, the husband couldn’t take it anymore. He started looking around for something in the house which got his wife to ask, “what are you looking for?” He said, ”your sweet voice.” On hearing this, the wife smiled lovingly at him. Once we can forgive and forget, peace and happiness will definitely embrace our lives.

On New Year’s Day, let us resolve to do at least one act daily that has brought happiness and comfort to others.  By reaching out even to those harbouring enmity,  the New Year can be made truly new, blessed and divine – in a sense we can attain rebirth. Let’s rid ourselves of fear and anxiety, thereby allowing peace to reign in our minds. May our heart be filled with compassion. May the sun of discernment rise in our intellect.

– Eexcerpts from Amma’s New Year’s message, Amritapuri