What Sitaram wants to do after walking through2350 villages covering 23,100 km

Sri Sitaram Kedilaya, aged 74 from Puthur, Karnataka, just completed a remarkable achievement. He just finished walking from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and back, covering 23,100 km on foot. The Bharata Parikrama, or walk across India, took him 5 years. He undertook the yatra, or sacred journey, to discover India, to dive into his identity as an Indian and to see India as the Jagatguru. Every day he would walk approximately 15 km and would sleep in a different village each night. He was travelling without any possessions and money, eating only one meal a day. He visited 2,350 villages across 23 states and held talks with the youth, children and people of the villages, covering a variety of social, religious, economic and cultural issues.

Before embarking on this journey five years ago, he had come to seek Amma’s blessings and stay in the ashram for a week. Now, five years later, having finished the journey, he returned to Amritapuri to thank Amma for helping him to complete the yatra. Sitaram explained how mantra from Amma (Deeksha) and the Tuesday prasad (Bhishka) and the bangles Amma gave him were protection (Raksha) for him to finish the yatra safely and successfully.

Today he brought a set of paduka (sacred sandals of the Guru) to Amma for her blessing. Having received them, Sitaram says he wants to undertake another Bharata Parikarama, this time with Amma’s paduka on his head!