R Vasudevan Potti received Amrita Keerti Puraskar

24 September 2008 — Amritapuri

During Amma’s 55th birthday celebrations, Professor R. Vasudevan Potti was awarded the Amrita Keerti Puraskar {news} for his meritorious contributions and perpetuation to Vedic knowledge.

M.P. Veerendra Kummar presented Amritakeerti Puraskar to Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti in Amma’s presence.

Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti was born in 1929 in Karnataka. For 21 years he served as a professor of Vedanta at the Thiruvananthapura Sanskrit College. From 1983-87 he was the editor of the Malayalam Encyclopaedia. From 1993-1996 he served as dean and syndicate member of Sanskrit University in Kaladi. He has served as an advisory member of the Kerala Literary Society and was a research guide at Chinmaya International.

Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti’s contributions to Indian culture have been recognized by the President of India and he has received a 50,000 annual stipend ever since. He has been recognized with rare distinction as an eminent scholar at the Kadavallur Annyonnyam. Madras University has honoured him with the Darshana Kala Nidhi award. And he is considered to have been the driving force behind the re installation of Sanskrit education in public schools.

The esteemed professor is the author of many vakyanams, including Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi, Siddhanta Kaumudi and Atma-Anatma Vivekam. He has penned independent Malayalam translations of Anumanu Vadam, Kavyadarsham and Tattvadi Trayam (a text by Madhvacharya). He is also the author of Sastra Vadavali—an explanation of 60 different arguments of Indian thought.

Prof. R. Vasudevan Potti is currently serving as a teacher at the Sivagiri Brahma Vidyapeetham and working on working on a translation of Bharatiya Darsanangngal.