The legends of Holi teach us to shed our ego

Happiness and love arise only when all the boundaries created by the mind vanish

“Holi signifies boundless happiness. As we enjoy such sacred festivities, we should remember that, in reality, they are meant to remind us of the inner bliss and oneness that are our inherent nature and are the very essence of life. When everyone’s bodies and faces are smeared with colours, all external differences disappear; everyone looks the same. True happiness and love arise only when all the boundaries created by the mind vanish.

“There are several legends associated with Holi. Foremost is the story of Prahlada. Even as a little boy, Prahlada was fully devoted and surrendered to the Lord. However, his father, the demonic King Hiranyakashipu, in his ego-mania, openly declared himself to be a God. Hiranyakashipu openly declared that no one other than him to be worshiped. He demanded that everyone chant only his name. Regardless, Prahlada continued his innocent prayers to Lord Vishnu. Infuriated Hiranyakashipu decided to have Prahlada killed. He devised many plans to do so but Prahlada miraculously escaped and his devotion only grew.

“At one point, Hiranyakashipu asked his sister Holika to enter a blazing fire with Prahlada in her lap. Holika had received a boon making her fireproof. But owing to Prahlada’s innocent faith and one-pointed devotion, he remained unscathed. Holika, on the other hand, paid for her heinous deed by burning to death. Today, people re-enact this event with Holika dahanam.

“The tale of Hiranyakashipu’s rise and fall has an inner meaning: when a leader becomes selfish, self-centred and drunk with ego, he forgets that he is only a limited human being. We should never forget that, in the vastness of the universe, all beings, including humans, are nothing but tiny creatures. The story reminds us that when we lose our humility before the divinity, the law of karma will eventually come to correct us.

“Prahlada demonstrates the power of unshakeable faith and determination. Although a little boy, Prahlada had to undergo many adverse circumstances and ordeals before God finally appeared before him. This shows us that—not only in spirituality but in all spheres of life— if we want to attain to great heights, we need great love, faith, dedication and surrender. Above all, we need to invoke the grace of the supreme power, God.”


Wish all Amma’s Children a Happy Holi…