Sw. Purnamritananda holds pgms in Japan

Weekend Retreat in Mt. Fuji
3 Oct 2009
Swami Purnamirtanandaji’s retreat was held on the shore of Lake Saiko, one of the 5 scenic lakes at the base of Mount Fuji. In an area boasting some of the most pristine forests in the country, greenery and wildlife abound, and provide an ideal environment for people to refresh their body and mind. Over 100 devotees made the two-hour journey from Tokyo to spend the weekend with Swamiji to recharge their spiritual batteries in this idyllic setting. The retreat began with Swamiji’s class on the Mrityunjaya Mantra, followed by a class on Navaratri Puja. Retreat activities on the second day included archana, yoga, eco-meditation, and talks.

Program with volunteer students in Kyoto

Each year, over 100 students from Japan comes to India to join in Amma’s ongoing charitable activities. After the tsunami disaster, over 150 students joined in to participate in Amma’s reconstruction efforts. They also help during Amma’s visits to Japan every year.

The students invited Swamiji to give a talk in Kyoto, which is the headquarters of their activities in Western Japan. Swamiji spent over 2 hours with the students, starting with a spiritual discourse, and then conducting Q&A. The session seemed as though it would not end before the hall closed. The program was concluded on the final note that Swamiji would again return next year!

The students were also very interested in Amma’s new orphanage and school in Kenya and looking forward for an opportunity to take part in the project.

Program and morning meditation in Kanazawa (Hakusan)

13 Oct 2009

The Main Conference Room in “Hakusan People’s Exchange Center” was full to capacity and the air in the hall was thick with suspense, as the attendees were getting their first opportunity to hear Swamiji speak, that too on a very timely and intriguing subject – “How to Transcend Life’s Challenges.”

In am hour long lecture Swamiji spoke about elucidating how we can utilize life’s challenges to propel us even further and more rapidly on the spiritual path. He also emphasized the importance of meditation in developing inner strength, then conducted a flute meditation in order to give the program attendees an immediate experience of what he meant.

Swamiji’s flute meditations are extremely popular in Japan. It was followed with a Q&A session, and distributed prasad to all present.

Early the next morning, at 6:00 am, Swamiji conducted a guided meditation for the Kanazawa Ethics Research Society. The meditation was set in a very tranquil and scenic location: a hall nestled in the midst of a vast grape vineyard.