Awaken, children!

24 July 2005, Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

An elderly lady from Amritapuri was waiting at the gate for her flight from Boston to Toronto. She was traveling as part of Amma’s U.S. tour. As the night before she had been up all night for Amma’s Devi Bhava darshan, she was quite sleepy. As she waited for her boarding call, she decided to chant her archana, the Sri Lalita Sahasranama [The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother]. However, before she could finish, her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep–the archana book open on her lap.

Amma was taking the same flight. After checking in, she and the swamis made their way to the gate. When Amma saw her daughter from the Ashram, she immediately walked over to where she was. Standing over her, Amma gently stroked the top of the lady’s head. She then looked down at the open archana book laying open on the lady’s lap. “There,” Amma said, pointing to a line in the middle of the open page. “She stopped at this mantra.” It is good that she fell asleep while chanting. Now, as she is sleeping, her mind and thoughts are still on the mantra.”

Then slowly the woman started to stir. Slowly her eyes opened. As she was still half asleep, it took a moment, but then she realised what was happening. “Amma!” was all she could manage to say.

– Sakshi