She is carrying them in her heart


23 July 2002, Amritapuri


After returning from Her US Tour, some of the first things Amma talked about were the devotion, surrender and self-sacrifice of Her American children.

“The tour was sweet,” She said. “The hearts of the people were filled with devotion.”

Amma went on to tell Her Amritapuri children that when She left America, everyone was crying, so Amma felt it hard to leave. “Amma tried to console them by saying, ‘Where there is love, distance is no barrier. Just like the mother hen looks after the eggs it has laid, Amma is always with you, carrying you in Her heart.”

Amma then told one anecdote about a television reporter who asked Her if She ever gets bored doing the same thing day after day. Amma repeated Her response to the disciple and devotees assembled. Amma said, “If the river gets bored by flowing, if the sun gets bored by shining, then Amma also gets bored.” Amma added that She doesn’t know the word “boredom.” She sees everyone as Her own Self.

After that Amma said that there are many stories from the US Tour that She wants to share, but that She is saving them for another time.