Mother and Guru returns

21 July 2002,Amritapuri

Amma returning to India after her US tour

One could hear the excitement in the temple bell as it sounded — three times in quick succession. It hadn’t rung thus in more than two months. Three bells means Amma. Amma had returned from Her US Tour.

Actually, the scene was much the same as it was back in May — hundreds of Amma’s children packed around the stairs to Her room, waiting. But whereas in May everyone was waiting to say goodbye, this time, it was to say hello.

Soon Amma’s car pulled into the courtyard. Within moments She was moving through the sea of disciples and devotees towards Her stairs. For those at some distance, Her progress could be marked by a single red flower, which Amma twirled over Her head. Once on the stairs, She took the video camera from the ashram photographer and began filming the crowd. Her smile was contagious.

Amma filming the devotees

Many devotees were calling out “Amma! Amma!” Then one lady shouted, “Amma, bless me with discrimination!” Amma’s wit was sharp, “If you are eating in the dark, do you put the food accidentally into your eyes, into your ears? You have discrimination for such things. Why can’t you use it in other circumstances?” Amma beamed at everyone for a while longer and then walked into Her room.

Of course everyone waited for Amma to emerge from Her window, which She soon did. Everyone had a good view of Her from up there — the children looking at the Mother, the Mother looking at the children. “Amma say something,” someone asked. Once again it was the Guru who spoke, “Talking is useless. It’s like two advocates arguing without a judge — it doesn’t go anywhere. Victory is in silence.”

A few more moments, a few more laughs, a few more smiles. Then Amma disappeared behind Her curtain.