When Divine Wanted to Manifest

“When Divinity Wanted to Manifest Herself, She Manifested in Amma”

26 September 2004

After inaugurating the Mata Amritanandamayi’s new AIDS Hospice, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, India’s Honourable Union Minister for Human Resource Development, delivered a powerful speech on Amma and Her mission.

“Pranams to the lotus feet of Amma and to the huge congregation of Mother’s children who are therefore my brothers and sisters.

“I feel that we are fortunate to be living in a century when a divine being like Amma is moving on this globe. It is a real fortune and opportunity to be in the company of such a divine soul. When divinity wanted to manifest Herself, She manifested in Amma. Jagadamba [the Mother of the World] is the force of the whole universe, the ultimate mother. That’s how I look upon Her.”

“What are the main characteristics of motherhood? To rear the child, to educate, feed and shelter him or her, to provide healthcare, and to extend all possibilities to them.” Dr. Joshi then described the numerous establishments that Amma had set up, including AITEC, India’s only private educational institution with a super computer, and AIMS super-specialty hospital. He also pointed to how the Math regularly conducts feeding of the poor, provides free houses to destitute homeless and gives pensions to hapless widows.

Dr. Joshi acknowledged that though it was the government’s duty to provide these services, Mahatmas like Amma took the lead. He said that people viewed government officials with suspicion, but trusted the affection, sincerity and spirituality behind Amma’s selfless service. “Because Her work comes from the heart, Amma’s following is increasing dramatically. She is Mother of all, gives to all and expects nothing in return.”

Dr. Joshi said that God Herself had come to remove the sufferings of humanity. He concluded his talk with the following words: “Along with you, brothers and sisters, I pay respectful pranams to Her lotus feet. I feel honoured that She has called me here, that I am one of Her children. May Amma bless me, bless all of us and bless all humanity.”