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  • When disciple awakens, Guru manifests

    When disciple awakens, Guru manifests

    Whenever we are ready to obey the Lord, and we approach Him with the attitude of a disciple — with humility, devotion, and shraddha — the God within us will assume the role of Guru, and lead us, holding our hand.

  • Mother and Guru returns

    Mother and Guru returns

    21 July 2002,Amritapuri One could hear the excitement in the temple bell as it sounded — three times in quick succession. It hadn’t rung thus in more than two months. Three bells means Amma. Amma had returned from Her US Tour. Actually, the scene was much the same as it was back in May —…

  • Why do we chant 3 Shanti at the end? Meaning of Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

    The mantras chanted in Amma’s ashrams at the end of arati and archana are called shanti mantras. Therefore to conclude each one, “shanti,” which means “peace,” is chanted three times. As a spiritual aspirant, one chants shanti in desire for the occurrence of circumstances conducive to a spiritual education. But these mantras can be chanted…