Interviews – Ms. Linda Evans

Ms. Linda Evans, the famous American actress best known for her role on TV’s Dynasty, participated in two Amritavarsham50 events. She spoke as part of the Women’s Initiative, “Embracing Universal Motherhood for Peace & Harmony,” and inaugurated the Celebration’s myriad cultural performances aside Kerala’s film star Padmashree Mohanlal. In the past couple decades, Ms. Linda has also played a role in fighting for the environment and the empowerment of women.

“I think Amma is truly doing more for women than any other being on earth.” —Linda Evans

What do you think of Amma?

“I think Amma is truly doing more for women than any other being on earth.”

What attracts you and so many other celebrities to Amma?

“I guess it is because we all know the superficiality of the life of money, success and fame. Celebrities have them all, but they don’t know what to do. They are not happy. Amma gives us the good news: She says that we are all divine and that this divinity is within us.”

Why do people find spirituality only at the end of their career?

“Who cares about my career? I found spirituality, and I want to live it now. Fifteen years ago, I started looking, and I found God deep within myself. And it has made me very happy.”

Do you see a religious conflict between Amma and your own religion?

“No, where there is God, people should have the right to their own expression. I used to be Catholic, but now I just love God. There should be allowance for people to express devotion their own way.”

Do you see Amma as God?

“Well, if you don’t see Godliness in Amma, where would you see it? Amma is a human being. She remembers Her Godliness, and uses it to embrace us and to unleash the power to activate this same remembrance of Godliness in us. We all have to awaken that remembrance in us. Everyday we have the option to be more loving to the world. We all can learn to have this truly selfless love. But we pretend not to understand. We tend to tell people how we like them to be and how they should behave. And that is not good. We have to learn to be like Amma, to walk that talk.”

What inspired you to come here?

“Who would not want to be part of something so inspiring and so life-changing? You want to be part of that world. If Amma had a planet, I would go and live there. I care about life and love and nature. And that is here in abundance. We all come from the love that gave us life. We all have the power to change our life in one minute by changing our minds. We all have the chance to be a different person after this birthday.”